Dark Circles Under Eyes – What To Do If You Suffer From This Common Skin Care Problem

Dark circles, bags and wrinkles can make you look older than you are...

Surprisingly, it isn’t gray hair, laughter lines or wrinkles that age a person the most, but rather the dark circles that often appear under their eyes. Despite popular belief, dark circles under eyes are not always related to illness and exhaustion although their very appearance may make you feel tired and unhealthy.

Both women and men can suffer from dark circles under the eyes and very occasionally it has been known to occur in children. The reasons people develop dark circles can vary, with allergies, lifestyle, diet and genetics all being a possible influence.

According to the National Institutes of Health, anyone who develops dark circles under their eyes suddenly should visit a medical professional. This is because, in rare cases, dark areas of skin, especially on a person’s face, can be an indication of illness. Certain allergens are also more likely to darken the area of skin under a person’s eyes, visiting a medical professional will rule out anything serious. Chronic alcohol use and smoking can also have a negative effect on a person’s skin.

The treatment for dark under-eye circles depends on two things: how severe the problem is and the underlying cause behind them. Someone suffering from mild to moderate dark circles may find that their skin improves with a few simple lifestyle changes, as opposed to expensive treatments, creams and lotions. A dermatologist will be able to offer more advice regarding treatment and this can be considered if the lifestyle changes do not improve things.

Dark Circles And Your Sleeping Habits

It has been proven that regular short amounts of sleep will not give you dark circles under your eyes. However; consistent lack of sleep will give your skin a pale appearance. Because of this, any shadows you have will look more pronounced. Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep will help to improve the appearance of your skin over time.

How you sleep can also have an effect on shadows or circles under your eyes. Professional dermatologists recommend a person use at least two pillows when sleeping at night. This allows the head to remain elevated, which in turn prevents fluid from pooling under the eye. Built-up fluids can also cause puffiness, which again makes shadows or dark areas more prominent.

Taking Your Dark Circles Under Cover

One of the simplest (and quickest) fixes for dark circles under your eyes is to use makeup concealer. While this may seem like an unattractive option if you are a man, it is possible to purchase concealer specifically for covering dark circles that is suitable for any age and gender. However, this simple fix remains just that and will only cover the circles as opposed to reducing them. There are plenty of cosmetics available that claim to reduce the appearance of dark circles under a person’s eyes, all with varying price tags. Elite Serum and Eyelasticity are two products worth looking at.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends that a person suffering from moderate dark circles under the eyes looks for an eye serum containing Brazilian Suma and root extracts. These particular compounds have been proven to revitalize problem areas of the skin, particularly around the eyes. You should apply the serum around half-an-hour before going to bed in the evening, taking extra care to remove any makeup concealer you may be wearing first.

Following a balanced diet is always recommended for healthy looking skin. A poor diet can make a person look extra pale, which will highlight problem areas. Eating fruit and vegetables will also leave your skin looking bright and can also prevent blemishes and other skin irritations. Exposure to sunlight, at least 30-minutes a day according to the Help Guide website, will also promote healthy skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes.